February 1, 2023

8 recipe ideas for game nights

Yes, Super Bowl or hockey nights are about the game, but they’re also all about the snacks. Let’s face it, finger food is often the main attraction. Simply lay the dishes out on the living room table or  throw ’em on the counter, and let people graze as they watch. No matter the outcome of the game, with these dishes, you’ll be a winner.

Pan sheet pizza

We’re kicking it old school with my nonna’s pan sheet pizza recipe!

Italian Meatball sub

A classic North American lunch that can be found from coast to coast. Who doesn’t love a classic? And by using our ready-to-cook meatballs, you’ll almost feel like you’re being served — it’s that quick and easy.

Charcuterie platter

Can’t go wrong with this classic appetizer! Super simple to make, comes together in no time and is a crowd pleaser. What’s not to like?

Pizza baguette

These pizza baguettes are just what’s in order for those nights when you running out of time or just don’t feel like cooking. They come together in minutes and are (almost) as good as the real thing without the hassle of making your own pizza dough.

Mini meatball sliders

These sliders are guaranteed fun, just make sure you have enough! You tell us which is easier: making them or devouring them.

Spinach & artichoke dip

This hot dip is the solution to hosting, while keeping it simple. All you have to do is mix it up and put it in the oven. As simple as that and even better than you think!



Chickpea fries

Straight from the Sicilian streets! Served with marinara sauce as a dip, they are perfect to nibble on with wine or beer before a meal or as a snack. Beware thought, they are slightly addictive!

Mortadella and pistachio pesto pizza

The inspiration for this recipe came to us from our good friend Marc Vetri and is now served at our pizzeria, Gema. A masterpiece to make at home with mortadella & pistachio pesto on our tomato and cheese pizza.