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Parmesan tomato sausages
Ready to Cook sausages

Parmesan tomato sausages

Parmesan tomato sausages
Simple & good

It will be the star of your BBQ this summer! Inspired by a family recipe we really enjoy, our Parmesan and tomato sausage stands out with its unique taste! Made with 100% Quebec pork, tomatoes, organic Quebec parmesan cheese from Fromagerie L’Ancêtre and spices. And as always, gluten free, with no preservatives or artificial flavours.



Porc Water Organic parmesan cheese Tomato paste (tomato) Pureed basil (basil, canola oil, salt, water, citric acid, potassium sorbate) Dehydrated tomato Salt Spices Dried vinegar (vinegar, sodium bicarbonate) Skim milk powder