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Bombette Pugliesi

Bombette Pugliesi

Bombette Pugliesi

Introducing your new BBQ season favourite: the bombette! These golden skewers are made from little bundles of lightly breaded meat stuffed with pancetta and cheese. They’re the summer edition of the beloved Italian cutlet and they are truly delicious. This Southern specialty comes from the Puglia region, Italy’s summer paradise. No doubt, the bombette pugliesi were born to liven up your sunny get-togethers! Enjoy them on the go between dips in the pool or serve them at impromptu gatherings. Let’s give a warm welcome to your new best friend this summer!

Preparation 20 min
Cooking time 15 min
Portions 4-6

You can also use pork cutlets instead of pork shoulder butt.



  1. On a cutting board, place the pork slices in a single layer. Cover the meat with parchment paper and pound it gently with a meat tenderizer or a rolling pin until thin.
  2. Season each pounded piece of pork with salt and black pepper to taste. Layer each slice with one slice of pancetta, one stick of cheese, and a sprinkle of the chopped parsley.
  3. Fold in the ends of the meat and roll tightly to prevent the cheese from melting out during cooking. Brush each roll with some of the olive
  4. In a small bowl, combine the breadcrumbs and the Parmesan.
  5. Gently bread each roll. Once all the rolls have been coated, secure them with a skewer to ensure they won’t open during grilling. Add 3–4 rolls to each skewer.
  6. Grill for 6 to 8 minutes on medium to medium-high heat, turning halfway through, until fully cooked. Serve hot. Buon appetito!
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