November 25, 2022

Italian holiday table

The holidays are synonymous with traditions… and traditions also start in the kitchen! We take a trip down memory lane with the dishes we grew up with and try to replicate them as best we can, all the while spending time with our loved ones. And those are our sincerest wishes.

We’ve put together a festive, gourmet holiday menu inspired by Italian traditions. From starters to desserts, there’s something for everyone. Like my mom would say: C’è tutto per tutti!

Buon appetito!



Chicken liver pâté crostone


In Umbria, deep in the heart of Italy, these crostones are traditionally served as an appetizer with a nice glass of vino cotto, or cooked wine. To make things a little easier for us on this side of the ocean, we went with a drizzle of our balsamic vinegar for that irresistible sweet and salty touch.


And speaking of sweet, the fragrant and colourful persimmon—an essential Holiday fruit for most Italian families—rounds out these crunchy appetizers with a well-balanced sweetness.


You have a recipe for homemade liver pâté? Go right ahead, it will be even better! See the recipe here.


Panettone crostone with gorgonzola and truffle honey


Panettone usually conjures up images of a sweet treat for dessert or breakfast. However, this famous brioche cake is also the perfect canvas for a wealth of refined holiday bites.


In this recipe, we simply toast it, then top it with gorgonzola and truffle honey for a truly elegant finish. As you may have guessed, the options are virtually endless.


Let your imagination run wild and make way for the appetizer panettone! Follow the recipe here.





Clams Posillipo


Few dishes are as stylish yet simple as these clams. This shellfish delight featuring tomatoes and ’nduja, a sort of spicy, spreadable salami from Calabria, comes together in just a few quick minutes.


Served on grilled bread to soak up all the tasty sauce, this wasn’t Frank Sinatra’s favourite dish for nothing!


And if you were wondering, Posillipo is a little residential area in Naples known for its top-quality seafood. Sit down and dig in, la dolce vita awaits. Find the recipe here.




Citrus salad


To switch things up a little and take a break from the classic green salad, why not try a vitamin-packed alternative?


This gem of a recipe showcases the plethora of seasonal citrus fruits available to us during the winter months. A colourful classic straight from the South of the boot that will brighten up your holiday feast.


Let the sunshine in! See the recipe here.




Timaballo alla Teramana


Does the word timballo ring a bell? This layered dish reminiscent of lasagna can be prepared with a wide variety of ingredients such as rice, pasta or vegetables, along with a generous helping of meats and cheeses. The classic version comes from Teramo in Abruzzo and is made using layers of scrippelle, or thin, salty crêpes.


It inspired us to create a festive timballo, overflowing with sausage meat, meatballs, and mozzarella. The sort of dish that makes a truly jaw-dropping main course.


Okay, a little patience is required, but it’s definitely worth it, especially for special occasions! Click here for the recipe.




Roasted veal shank with tonnato sauce and salsa verde


You might not think at first that tuna and veal would go well together. And yet vitello tonnato, a sort of veal carpaccio coated in a tasty tuna mayonnaise, is a staple of northern Italian gastronomy.


We dived into the richness of the tonnato sauce—and the freshness of the salsa verde—to create a truly impressive main course.


A massive, melt-in-your-mouth cut of meat that will proudly take centre stage on your Holiday table and easily feed up to 8 hungry guests. See the recipe here.




Hazelnut & chocolate panforte


For most Italians, Christmas wouldn’t really be Christmas without a slice of panforte!


Panforte literally means strong bread, as in strong in warm and fragrant spices like cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, and yes, even coriander. This soft and unique dessert from Tuscany is also packed with nuts and dried fruit, and—wait for it—our signature crunchy hazelnut and cocoa spread.


Nibble a slice while enjoying a delicious cup of coffee and keep the party going. Find the recipe here.




Buon natale!