September 6, 2023

Our best tomato recipes


It’s tomato season!

Is your garden or favourite local market bursting with fresh, ripe seasonal tomatoes? Here are 6 irresistible recipes to enjoy the famous pomodoro, because there is simply never enough tomato in this life.

Tomato bruschetta

Everyone will swoon over these flavour-packed croutons during your next apero, especially if you use gorgeous, local, in-season tomatoes. Tasty AND easy-peasy!


Scalloped tomatoes

This cheesy gratin features layers of ruby-red tomatoes and a fragrant breadcrumb mixture to ensure a perfect texture. Just the side to tie together your summer dishes of grilled meats or fish.


Sausage-stuffed tomatoes

For your next potluck, treat yourself (and others) to these stuffed tomatoes. They can be a great side dish or a main course, and are especially sweet and savoury in the summer.


Pani cunzatu

Originally known as the poor man’s bread of disgrace, it has become the perfect bready canvas for a bit more abundance and can be turned into a true masterpiece.

My mom is proud to share her classic tomato sauce recipe, after all: that's what cooking's for! It has been passed down from generation to generation — I literally grew up with this sauce — and now we're passing it on to you.

Elena’s simple tomato sauce

My mom’s recipe has been passed down from generation to generation, and now we’re passing it on to you! Use this basic tomato sauce as the foundation to many Italian dishes.


Spaghetti alla crudaiola

When it’s the height of tomato season, look no further than this pasta recipe. The tomatoes are sweet, bright, fresh… and this simple dish showcases them perfectly.