March 22, 2023

It’s sugar shack season!

It’s a magical time of the year—sugar season is finally upon us!

Every year, we’re excited to reunite with warmer weather and our favourite sugar shack dishes. The smell of spring in the air, long walks in the woods, little fingers made sticky with maple taffy… Sugar season is the perfect occasion to get together and reconnect with one of la belle province’s most treasured traditions.

To celebrate maple syrup season with a bang, we’re delighted to reveal the fruit of our latest delectable escapade in the Laurentians: A sugar shack menu with all the unmissable classics and a few of our own creations and the results are delicious. Hope you enjoy as much as we did!

Buon appetito!


Classic sugar shack dishes have a definite party brunch vibe. And we love it!


To play up the occasion in the most delicious way, we came up with these pillowy buttermilk waffles. Just the thing to make the best of the king of weekend meals. And as if that wasn’t enough, these waffles come with the perfect garnish—a compound butter both silky smooth and crunchy, made with our chocolaty spread and roasted hazelnuts.


Dessert for breakfast? Yes please! Find the recipe here.

During copious sugar shack feasts, crunchy pickles are a welcome breath of fresh air. They add colour and a touch of tangy tartness—a nice respite between two mouthfuls of oreilles de crisse!


Our pickled beets follow in their footsteps, but borrow Italian balsamic vinegar to create a rich yet balanced brine. We’ve also added dill and chives for an even sharper, brighter flavour. Just the thing to put a little pep in your step… and your plate!


Just the thing to put a little pep in your step… and your plate! Click here for the recipe.


It’s wouldn’t be a sugar shack without the classic puffy omelet!


Cooking beaten eggs in the oven allows you to get a light and fluffy texture. This trick has proven its worth on this side of the Atlantic with our famous sugar shack puffy omelets, but also in Italy with the essential frittata. Proof that good know-how knows no bounds!


Our Italo-Quebecer frittata is garnished with caramelized maple-roasted Brussels sprouts and topped with a fresh salad made with the leaves of the same cabbage.


Greens have made their way to the sugar shack! Find the recipe here.



What would a sugar shack meal be without its famous baked beans?


In Quebec, baked beans are serious business. Many families pass down their signature recipe from generation to generation, and some adventurous folks even cook them underground near the campfire. It’s amazing what a few humble beans can turn into with a little patience, love… and maple syrup!


Without reinventing the wheel completely, our version gives a nod to Italian tradition by switching the classic lard with pancetta and by adding our authentic sausages to the mix.


Don’t forget to make a bit extra—it freezes really well! Fall in love with our recipe here.



When you think of a sugar shack, vegetables probably aren’t what first comes to mind.


One usually finds coleslaw on the traditional cabane à sucre table, but that’s about it. We suggest you crank up your vegetable side dish game with this Sicilian-inspired roasted cauliflower topped with a beautiful homemade remoulade. Remoulade is basically a pimped-up mayo, and it is truly delicious!


Even if the air is still crisp in our parts during sugar season, we bet you’ll feel a warm Mediterranean breeze thanks to this dish! The recipe is here.





Potatoes are always welcome, especially when they’re sweet and superbly fanned out!


This simple recipe makes the most of the Swedish Hasselback hack, with the fennel freshness of Italian porchetta seasoning and the inimitable sweetness of Quebec maple syrup. It’s a world tour that translates into a real tour de force! You’ll see that the spices perfectly penetrate the spud and the syrup ensures a delicious, delicate glaze.


No doubt, this flamboyant dish will be a big hit during your sugar season feast! Find the recipe here.





In the sugar shack world, maple syrup is king, but pork comes in a close second!


This meat is an undeniable staple of several traditional Quebec specialties, and it holds a place of honour on the typical sugar season menu. For this recipe, we suggest you happily blend the best of the Mediterranean boot and la belle province by swapping the classic ham for a sweet and salty osso buco.


You’ll fall in love with this tender, hearty & fragrant main dish! See all our secrets here.


We hope that our sugar shack feast will inspire you to enjoy some quality time with your loved ones and that the snowstorms are finally over for now!


A special thanks to our friends from Cabane à Sucre au Pied de Cochon and La Cabane d’à Côté for the hospitality!